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About Us

Everything is made to order & uniquely crafted for each person. We are proud & grateful for your support. Thank you! 


OTEP is an art project/band/movement/revolution; Breaking ground, breaking rules, breaking barriers. Articulate. Aggressive. Pure Adrenaline. ARTCore of Heavy Mental Rock. 


Find us online:

• https://www.facebook.com/otepofficial

• https://instagram.com/otep_shamaya

• https://twitter.com/otepofficial



Signed without a demo (purely on the power of their live performance) to Capitol Records, OTEP continues to destroy stereotypes, empower, inspire, & motivate, fighting for equal rights, animal rights, & proud to stand as a beacon for all those who dare to step out of darkness. 


Awards: Nominated by GLAAD for outstanding Musical Artist, winner of MTV's Music with a Message award, spoke at the Democratic National Committee on behalf of Rock The Vote at President Obama's nomination, BAFTA award for Voice Over on Playstation's THE LAST OF US, .



Much love & respect to famed NYC artist Joey James for helping create these wonderful works of art. Find his work online at:



All photos courtesy of Greg Watermann



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